How to get rid of Gnats.

If you find gnats in your home, they’re probably coming from outside. To keep them from coming in, caulk any cracks or gaps around doors and windows. You can also use a fan to blow them out of the room. If you have plants, make sure to water them in the morning so the water has time to evaporate. Don’t let water sit in plant saucers, and empty any that accumulate. Gnats are attracted to fruit, so keep it in the fridge or in a covered container. If you have garbage cans, make sure they have tight-fitting lids. To get rid of the gnats that are already in your home, vacuum them up or use a handheld trap. You can make your own trap with a jar, some fruit, and a piece of paper. Cut a piece of paper into a cone shape, and tape it to the inside of the jar. Then add some fruit or vegetable scraps to the bottom of the jar. The gnats will be attracted to the fruit, but they won’t be able to get out of the jar. #gnats #plague #insects

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