How to Get the Most Out of Your Smartphone.

  • Get to know your phone and all of its features. Your smartphone is capable of a lot more than just making calls and sending texts. Familiarize yourself with the different apps and how to use them. If you don’t need certain features, disable them to conserve battery life.
  • Keep your phone up-to-date. Installing the latest software updates will not only give you new features and bug fixes, but it will also help improve performance and battery life.
  • Use a lock screen pattern or password. This will help keep your data safe if your phone is lost or stolen.
  • Download a battery saving app. There are many great apps available that can help you conserve battery life.
  • Use WiFi whenever possible. This will help conserve your data usage and save you money if you have a limited data plan.
  • Keep your screen brightness at a comfortable level. A brighter screen uses more battery power.
  • Close apps that you’re not using. Having too many apps running in the background can drain your battery and slow down your phone.
  • Limit your use of live wallpapers and animated backgrounds. These can be fun, but they’re also battery hogs.
  • Take advantage of power saving mode. This mode can help extend your battery life in a pinch.
  • Keep an eye on your apps. Some apps are more power hungry than others. If you notice one that is using a lot of battery, consider uninstalling it or finding a replacement.

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