Movie Review: Bad Boys for Life (2020)

Sadly it’s not as great the previous Bad Boys films, it's ok for what it is, an action movie to entertain yourself, in that regard I would give it a score of 3/5. The movie is highly predictable most of the time, like most movies in this “range”, they kind a telegraph what’s going to happen, but it also have some twists. After watching the movie, there is not an iconic scene I can think of, contrary to the previous ones, neither a very funny moment. You can feel it’s a movie that’s more concern in milking the “saga” than making a great successor, but again it’s decent. The stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, fit their characters very well and they do a good job. It might not be the last “Bad Boys” movie (pay attention at the credits for more info), but I kind a hope it is, it’s unnecessary unless they step it up.

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